And 1/3 (one third) of the fishes in the sea would die – Wormwood ***I said this back when it first happened!!

Officials: Much of Pacific Ocean threatened by Fukushima releases, an area covering 1/3 of globe — US: “States in region understandably concerned for safety”… “Urgent need” to assess impact on food, water — IAEA begins testing around Pacific


Published: June 29th, 2015 at 6:56 pm ET
By ENENews

Marshall Islands Journal, Jul 18, 2014 (emphasis added): Seawater check for radioactivity… the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visited the Marshall Islands earlier this month to train local officials to sample seawater for radioactive cesium… the IAEA Project [is] called “Marine benchmark study on the possible impact of the Fukushima radioactive releases in the Asia-Pacific Region.”… During a field exercise on July 2, two sets of seawater samples were collected… The samples were collected on filter cartridges coated with chemicals that will bond to the cesium element… This is the start of monitoring Marshall Islands seawater for cesium radioactivity which will be carried out every three month

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, Ambassador Glyn Davies, Permanent U.S. Representative to the IAEA, 2011: Today the Secretariat has presented to us a new Technical Cooperation project entitled “Marine benchmark study on the possible impact of the Fukushima radioactive releases in the Asia-Pacific Region.”… Member States in the region are understandably concerned for the safety of their marine environments. The IAEA has unique expertise to offer in helping them to assess how recent events in Japan may affect their food and water resources… The United States fully supports this project… While the Secretariat has demonstrated admirable flexibility and agility in assembling this project quickly to meet an urgent need, we recognize… extra-budgetary resources are required… My delegation is pleased to announce that the United States will immediately make available $400,000 for this new regional, Fukushima-related project… We hope this contribution will allow the project to move forward without delay

IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme 2011–15: Marine benchmark study on the possible impact of the Fukushima radioactive releases in the Asia-Pacific Region… this radioactive contamination could be transported and circulated through the Pacific Ocean… Member States have expressed concern about the possible impact of these releases on their coastal zones… An urgent and harmonised regional approach is essentialThe area potentially affected may encompass much of the Pacific Ocean, which covers one third of the area of the globe.

IAEA Coordinated Research Activities in 2014–2015 (pdf): Benchmark Ocean Models for the Dispersion and Radiological Impact of Released Radionuclides from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant – The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant released huge amounts of radioactive substances into the Pacific Ocean. These radionuclides will be transferred and dispersed over the Pacific Ocean during the next years. There are a number of different ocean dispersion models to predict the dispersion of pollutants… and uptake in biota and to assess the potential radiation exposure to humans and the environment… The predictions can be used for recommendations for the Pacific Member States for measures with regard to seafood consumption or export or import of marine food

IAEA Coordinated Research Activities in 2015 (pdf): Benchmark Ocean Models for the Dispersion and Radiological Impact of Radionuclides Released from Nuclear Power Plants in Emergency Situations… These radionuclides are being dispersed and transferred through the ocean, and numerous studies of these processes have been carried out… to predict the behaviour of the radionuclides and, further on, to estimate doses to biota and human populations… The Fukushima discharges will be used as a benchmark study for the Pacific Ocean. The simulated data will be compared with actual measurement results…

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Microsoft Is The Worst Security In The World!!


Can you guess which vendor is ‘feeble’ at protecting businesses from malware?

Graham Cluley | July 3, 2015 11:26 am

Respected anti-malware testing authority has published its latest report – comparing the performance of 11 different enterprise anti-virus products designed to protect Windows 7 users.

And, in the main, the products performed very well.

In fact, products from Bitdefender, F-Secure, Trend Micro, Symantec and Kaspersky managed an impressive 100% detection rate in a “real-world” test against new, still unknown threats and a separate test against an library of nearly 30,000 already known malware samples.

Even the products which didn’t quite manage 100% in both tests, still performed very well.

However, there’s one fly in the ointment. One (rather well-known) software company that included in its Windows 7 test, and found somewhat lacking… Microsoft.


Thorough tests like this by independent experts are important, because over 60% of the Windows PCs used by businesses are running Windows 7. (Approximately 22% are running Windows 8.1, and a worrying 18% are said to be still risking everything by using Windows XP).

In its report, describe Microsoft’s offering as “much too feeble”:

An economical option for protecting a corporate network is the use of the endpoint module, bundled in the Microsoft Management Suite System Center 2012. The test revealed, however, that this is not to be recommended. The solution was awarded 0 points by the testers in terms of its protection function, and it achieved only 11 out of 18 possible points.

The solutions from Seqrite and the security module from Microsoft, tested for comparison, made a considerably weaker showing. While Seqrite still did a respectable job in detecting malware, it slows down the clients much too heavily in the process. The freeware Microsoft module is much too feeble in the detection of malware.


On its website, Microsoft continues to recommend Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection to business users.


Maybe, in light of test results like this, Microsoft would be doing a better service to more actively promote solutions from third-party vendors instead.

Remember folks – price should not be the driving factor when you decide which anti-malware solution you’re going to use to protect your business.

Security software’s performance and the quality of the service you receive should be much more important than whether your business is going to have to write a cheque or not. Ultimately, an anti-virus which isn’t doing a good enough job of stopping the malware could well cost you more in the long run.

Find out more about’s test here.

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**Congratulations Oregon!!** Potlandia! Oregon legalizes recreational marijuana — free weed included

Potlandia! Oregon legalizes recreational marijuana — free weed included

With no recreational sales until 2016, sharing is encouraged


By Dylan Stableford 7 hours ago Yahoo News


Oregon officially became the fourth state to legalize recreational marijuana on Wednesday, as pot smokers gathered across the Beaver State to light up and celebrate.

In Portland, hundreds of weed enthusiasts fanned out across the aptly-named Burnside Bridge before midnight, counting down the minutes until the law allowing recreational use went into effect. As was the case in Colorado, Washington and Alaska, Oregon pot smokers hugged and toked like stoners at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

There was, however, at least one reason to curb the herb enthusiasm. The Oregon law allows those 21 and older to smoke marijuana privately, grow up to four pot plants and possess up to eight ounces of weed at home and carry one ounce outside. But unlike Colorado and Washington, pot shops won’t arrive until 2016, and a bill that would allow bans on retail sales in cities and counties where at least 55 percent of voters are against legalization is headed to the governor’s desk.

[Related: First Church of Cannabis’ inaugural service will not include weed]

“We’re legal as of midnight, but we don’t have any legal place to purchase,” Russ Belville, head of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws’ Portland chapter, told KATU-TV.

Those celebrating the new law weren’t complaining: Until the retail stores arrive, Oregonians are being encouraged to share their stashes.

View gallery


(Weed The People)

“I’m just here to get weed for free,” Phillip Piper, who was visiting from Tennessee, told the Oregonian.

“I never imagined you’d be able to hand out joints in the street and it would be acceptable,” Kristin McKinnon told the paper.

“We figure, let’s take advantage of Oregon generosity and just overgrow,” Belville said. “Free the weed — so to speak — so that we’re not perpetuating the black market.”

On Friday, an event dubbed “Weed the People” is scheduled in North Portland. Attendees will be able to share, sample and take home up to 7 grams of weed cultivated by Oregon growers that have been producing the state’s medical marijuana.

According to organizers, tickets for the event — at $40 a pop — are already sold out, and there are more than 750 people on a waiting list.

Free the weed, indeed.

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Voting Commencement Procedures of the Urantia Planetary Government – July 1st, 2015 – The 1st and Last Day of Reckoning

Voting Commencement Procedures of the Urantia Planetary Government

July 1st, 2015

The 1st and Last Day of Reckoning

          I, Chris Dwaine Christensen, AKA Majestone, or Christ Michael, have requested the initiation of a mandatory vote for justice on this planet of “Earth” also known as Urantia.

Due to reckless abandon I asked our Universal Father of Paradise to bring true and final justice to this world. In that our Father God is full of mercy and unconditional love and yet he is righteous, holy and in all things good, true and perfect, in all due rights of time delays of wisdom and patience so that all men may have time to call upon the Lord in repentance to be saved from their sins it is only right that fairness is imparted to all members of the human race and also to all peoples of the universe. In so being justice demands that wickedness must come to an end, for it has been proven to all universe authorities that rebellion must be finalized.

This would what is deemed as true righteous “Fairness” to all present living creatures of time and space.

On this world, for almost 1 million planetary years, evil minded and thoroughly wicked men have murdered & destroyed fellow humans and other lives without any remorse or guilt. They have continued to sacrifice their fellow humans to evil ‘gods’ and even have advanced in ways and means to destroy all living things, including any humans born into this world, by technological wizardry and sorcery. They deceive, by mass pretense through physical and electronic media, all peoples great and small, rich or poor. They have not ceased in their wanton destruction and appetite for murder and lust for money, worldly power & global dominance.

They continually and consistently invent more and more wicked devices to kill human beings and all other species living on this planet. They have amassed terrible weapons of mass destruction including thousands upon thousands of “Nuclear War Heads” that can destroy the all life on this world which can never be replaced or replenished. The world is already now saturated and flooded with radiation from the broadcasting transmitters and other factored emissions.

Also the world is disgustingly polluted with the filth, vile and excrement of the emissions of the routine facilities that most all humans require to work and live for survival. The evil corporations, like the oil tycoons, and energy moguls, etc., refuse to allow efficient and clean methods of powering households and businesses because they demand to enslave, entrap and brain wash all human beings so they can continue to own all the wealth, financial institutions, national governments, educational departments, entertainment and news media, social welfare, religious organizations, global militaries, and all other systems that the world is now thriving on.

These utterly corrupt beings are filled with worldly wealth and drenched full of the blood of innocent beings. They now possess all the power and influence of the government bodies, military forces, police and public services, and also the businesses incorporated worldwide and global with the stronghold of the banking institutions being the primary evil perpetrators.

Because of this, the common people of the world have no more means of sincere representation to bring justice to this sphere. The national government are completely controlled and owned by the wicked bankers and evil corporations and other dominating institutions, such as the churches and media outlets.

It is seen as utterly impossible for any descent and God fearing human(s) to bring about the necessary changes to the legal administrations and departments of the governments because even the public servants are bought paid for, literally ‘owned’ by the members of these ‘secret orders’ and so-called ‘elite’.

I have lived now over 52 years in this world and have not seen any end to this satanic and iniquitous destruction of all humanity. The wicked rest not day or night in plotting and scheming for the death of all common peoples of this world.

It behooves me to call upon the one and true God for deliverance of all living beings great and small and to bring a swift end to all this massacre and slaughtering of life.

Therefore I call upon my peers of spiritual mind and presence, who possess the decency to be sincere and respectful to our Father God’s creation and fellow creatures, to make a final vote for justice to be served in this world and on this sphere and to put a complete, thorough and final end to these wicked creatures that have not repented, who have no soul or conscience.

So, therefore, I put in my vote as the first one to be counted among the Majestone Divine Family of ministers resident here on Urantia (earth). And I also ask that all members of the celestial and indigenous staff working for the Urantia Planetary Government & the Universal Police Force to place their vote(s) to be collected and counted this very same day, week and at the latest the whole month of July 2015.

I vote to slay these wicked ones due to the fact that they can never be rehabilitated.

I am the creator, founder, owner & co-owner, and chief planetary administrator of these divine universal organizations: The Urantia Planetary Government, the Urantia Universal Military, the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs & the Universal Police Force.

I was born in this very world, in the country of the United States of America, in the State of Nevada, in the City of Las Vegas, in the Sunrise Hospital on the day of December 16th, 1962 at 6:18 AM (Local Time) and my genuine “Birth Certificate” has been published and posted on the world wide web and is accessible and available to anyone who inquires evidence of my indigenous status and right of citizenship and sovereignty attained and acquired by true “human” birth.

My name is Chris Dwaine Christensen. My business name and artist name is “Majestone”. My physical address and phone number is posted and accounted to my business;

The Universal Police Force

(801) 883-9014


169 E. 200 S. #203

Salt Lake City, Utah



Copyright ©2015 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2015 Christ Michael 611,121st

Copyright ©2015 Majestone

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***Corrupt Government Strikes Again!!*** NSA Can Resume Bulk Collection of Americans’ Phone Records, Says Court

NSA Can Resume Bulk Collection of Americans’ Phone Records, Says Court

Zack Whittaker, ZDNetJune 30, 2015

This article, NSA can resume bulk collection of Americans’ phone records, says court, originally appeared on

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has ruled the NSA can resume the bulk collection of phone records on millions of Americans.

The court, which oversees the government’s surveillance requests, ruled late Monday that the program was legally sound in the wake of the passing of the Freedom Act, ratified a day after key provisions in the Patriot Act expired on June 1.


The news was first reported by The New York Times on Tuesday.

In the 26-page filing, the court summed up simply: “The short answer is yes,” to the question whether or not the new law would allow the program to continue.

The new bill, however, limits any collection to six months. Lawmakers set in stone the time limit with the intention of giving the NSA grace time to move to a new system where it would request the records from the phone companies.

News of the massive bulk collection of phone records broke two years ago as the debut leak in the long line of news stories dedicated to US government surveillance, based on documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Verizon was named as one of the companies forced to hand over its entire customer base of phone records on a rolling daily basis.

Other companies were not named, but it is widely believed that other phone companies, including AT&T, are under similar orders to serve over its customers data.

Since then, a number of civil cases have been brought to court to challenge the program.

Almost two years following the first leak, an appeals court in May ruled the bulk records collection program was illegal, serving a blow to the program’s legitimacy.

However, the presiding judge Michael Mosmon said in the Monday filing that the lower court’s ruling was “not binding” and “respectfully disagrees” with the court’s findings.

That, however, was disputed by ACLU deputy legal director Jameel Jaffer, who in an emailed statement condemned the move.

“Neither the statute nor the Constitution permits the government to subject millions of innocent people to this kind of intrusive surveillance,” he said. “We intend to ask the Second Circuit to prohibit the surveillance and to order the NSA to purge the records it’s already collected.”

It’s not, however, clear if or when the NSA will begin collecting data again. However, the Obama administration applied within hours of the Freedom Act’s passing to resume the program.

We reached out to the NSA for comment, but did not immediately hear back.

This post has been updated.

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Blogging Alternatives to Windows Live Writer


Posted on June 30, 2015 by Majestone


I have been using Windows Live Writer for years. Sometimes, suspicious activity takes place. It seems it happens when there are topics the government would rather not have posted on my 23 different blogs. LOL

Seriously though, after I post to 1 or 2 blogs (Windows Live Writer) I get disconnect by an unknown & unexpected source.

Now, I have been able to blog to all my blogs at times and then only 8 or ten before I get cut off.

Recently I can get disconnected after 1 or 2 blogs. This is not acceptable.

I have to restart my Router & even restart my PC to reconnect.

But then it will continue this breach of service.

I have contacted my ISP and I have worked with my Web Hosting provider but, I have not found a solution for this dilemma.

I use Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on multiple PCs. So, I know Microsoft is part of this violation as well as the U.S Government, along with the possibilities of Comcast and also Godaddy.

So, I am looking for alternatives to “Windows Live Writer” and “Raven” is the first one I am trying out.

***P.S. If this happens to you and you find the source of the problem and a solution please let us bloggers know. Thank you.


Majestone – Owner/Creator/Founder/Administrator, etc.

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Russian Navy Armada Ordered To Coast Of Texas For “Liberation Exercise”

June 25, 2015

Russian Navy Armada Ordered To Coast Of Texas For “Liberation Exercise”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin has ordered an atomic-weapon equipped naval strike force comprised of Black Sea and Northern Fleet naval forces to immediately embark to the Gulf of Mexico for what intelligence experts note will be a “Liberation Exercise” designed to protect the lives and property of Texan citizens should they declare their independence from the Obama regime ruled oligarchy that was once known as the United States of America.

According to this report, this powerful armada will be led by the guided missile cruiser The Moskva (dubbed a “carrier-killer” by NATO) which will be accompanied by The Pytlivy escort ship (frigate) and The Shakhtyor rescue vessel (tug), all three belonging to the Black Sea Fleet.

Joining these three Black Sea Fleet vessels for this mission, this report continues, will be the Northern Fleet’s K-410 Smolensk cruise missile submarine, the K-317 Pantera electronic warfare-nuclear attack submarine, and both the B-138 Obninsk and B-388 Petrozavodsk nuclear attack submarines…all of whom will be stationed outside of the maritime borders of the US in both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico within “striking distance” of Texas.



Interesting to note about this naval armada is that it includes The Shakhtyor rescue vessel; which specializes in submarine rescue operations and has a group of medics with special equipment for prompt assistance to rescued submarine crews whose vessel may have been attacked, and possibly sunk, thus indicating by its presence this scenario is likely to occur. [Note: Under international laws of warfare, it is a crime to attack submarine rescue vessels.]

Equally ominous to note in this report is it further stating that this naval armada also contains a Naval Spetsnaz Brigade from the Black Sea Fleet that is at “wartime strength” having nearly 1,300 specialized highly specialized fighters capable of deploying in about 100 teams and who are prepared and trained for “insurgency operations” against enemy forces in “hostile terrain”.



MoD experts in this report further state that this naval armada’s deployment is a continuation of the Federation’s plans for a nuclear first-strike against “Communist Controlled Regions” existing within the United States now being made in order to save that nation from itself by decapitating its elite ruling class, and as we had reported on in our 19 June report, Russia Plans Atomic “First Strike” As “False Flag” Racial Massacre Pushes America To Brink Of Insanity.

Raising the fears that this naval armada may very well have to be “thrust like a spear” into the defense of Texas and its citizens, this report warns, are the continued war provocations against this State by the Obama regime whose unprecedented and massive unconventional warfare” plan called Jade Helm, scheduled to begin on 15 July, is but a prelude to martial law being established not only there, but all across America.


As to why the Obama regime wants/needs to destroy Texas, this report explains, is due to a new law passed in that State that orders the repatriation to them of $1 billion in gold bullion held by the Obama regime at the Federal Reserve in New York.

And enraging the Obama regime even more against Texas, this report says, are the continued statements of independence being voiced by its lawmakers, included Congressman Giovanni Capriglione who stated about this new law, “We want to show off our strength and resilience. This is to be able to say ‘Hey, listen, Texas is unique, it’s stable, it’s strong and we can show that by letting other states and individuals know that, yes, Texas has a billion dollars worth of gold. Does your state have a billion dollars worth of gold?’”

Unbeknownst, apparently, to this Texas Congressman, this report further warns, is that the Obama regime will never allow any US State to have gold holdings as it threatens their very existence…like the Gadhafi regime of Libya did in 2011 when it announced that payments for its oil could only be made with gold-backed “dinars [a single African currency made from gold] and it was promptly, and completely destroyed.

With new polling showing that fully 44% of Texas citizens now believe that the Obama regime intends to attack them and impose martial law, this MoD report continues, the evidence continues to mount that this is exactly what is going to happen.

Aside from citing from thousands of reports within the US of massive military movements against Texas and other States occurring, MoD intelligence experts in this report state, more recent evidence has been uncovered proving that Obama has issued 19 new secret orders he has kept from both the American people and the US Congress that vastly expands his dictatorial powers.


In the Obama regimes knowing, and fearing, that the Federation will indeed come to the defense of Texas, this report continues, the US mainstream media (aka lapdogs) have already begun their propaganda campaign against it, which includes a Politico News Service article titled Putin’s Plot to Get Texas to Secede which, in part, says:

“Nathan Smith, who styles himself the “foreign minister” for the Texas Nationalist Movement, appeared last Spring at a far-right confab in St. Petersburg, Russia. Despite roaming around in his cowboy hat, Smith managed to keep a low-key presence at the conference, which was dominated by fascists and neo-Nazis railing against Western decadence.

But at least one Russian newspaper, Vzglyad, caught up with the American, noted that TNM is “hardly a marginal group,” and quoted Smith liberally on the excellent prospects for a partial breakup of the United States. Smith declared that the Texas National Movement has 250,000 supporters—including all the Texans currently serving in the U.S. Army—and they all “identify themselves first and foremost as Texans” but are being forced to remain Americans. The United States, he added, “is not a democracy, but a dictatorship.”

The Kremlin’s famed troll farms took the interview and ran with it, with dozens of bots instantly tweeting about a “Free Texas.”

Not being told to the American people, however, about this issue, this report states, is that the Federation, and its people, view Texas in the same light as they do the recently freed from US-NATO sponsored Ukrainian-Nazi tyranny, Oblast of Crimea, and as best exampled by the Kremlin’s report titled Crimea as the Russian Texas that, in part, says:

“The situation unfolding in Crimea has an analogous historical counterpart: Texas. A comparison of Crimea with Texas will demonstrate the relative similarities between the two, arguing that if one accepts the current status of Texas despite its controversial origin story, then they are more than obliged to recognize the future status of Crimea, since the progression of events there have more legitimacy than those which transpired in Texas over 150 years ago.”



As war has now become “inevitable between the Federation, China and the Obama regime-led United States, this report further warns, with tens-of-thousands of Russian forces preparing for war in the Far East, while thousands of Chinese merchant ships are being retrofitted for military purposes, and the US Navy has assembled two whole carrier battle groups and 200 aircraft off the coast of Guam, NATO’s plan to station a further 40,000 troops along the Western border will not be allowed to stand.

To if a limited nuclear first-strike against the “Communist Regions” of the United States to decapitate the Obama regimes hold on that once free nation, combined with militarily assisting Texas to free itself from those same “oligarchs”, this report questions, is not known at this time…but may very well be the only option left to the Federation in the face of such unprecedented propagandist hostelries from the West that now include the indoctrination of Dutch schoolchildren who this past week were forced to see Russia pictured as monster with claws on cartoon map…when the truth, in fact, it is that Russia is the one who is completely surrounded and threatened with destruction.



And to if the American mainstream press will cease their propaganda and begin telling their people how truly close World War III is, this MoD report concludes, there appears to be no likelihood as just today the editors of reported that they are now under assault by the Obama regime, and even more horrifically, Obama’s Pentagon this week rewrote their ‘Law of War’ declaring for the first time in history that any journalist who writes against them are now to be classified as legitimate targets and labeled as “unprivileged belligerents”.

June 25, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

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The UBIA & the UPF is after the killers involved with this case: Body Of Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism, Found Floating In River

Body Of Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism, Found Floating In River

Posted on June 26, 2015 by Carol Adl in Bizarre, News, US // 11 Comments


Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, who helped families whose children were believed to have been damaged by immunizations, was found dead last week under what many are calling ‘suspicious circumstances’. He was found dead floating in a North Carolina river.

Dr Bradstreet, a medical doctor, was a prominent autism researcher and vaccine opponent, he was also parent of a child who developed autism after vaccination

Infowars report:

A fisherman found the body of Dr. James Jeffery Bradstreet in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, last Friday afternoon.

“Bradstreet had a gunshot wound to the chest, which appeared to be self inflicted, according to deputies,” reported WHNS.

In a press release, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office announced, “Divers from the Henderson County Rescue Squad responded to the scene and recovered a handgun from the river.”

An investigation into the death is ongoing, and the results of an autopsy are also reportedly forthcoming.

Dr. Bradstreet ran a private practice in Buford, Georgia, which focused on “treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, PPD, and related neurological and developmental disorders.”

Among various remedies, Dr. Bradstreet’s Wellness Center reportedly carried out “mercury toxicity” treatments, believing the heavy metal to be a leading factor in the development of childhood autism.

Dr. Bradstreet undertook the effort to pinpoint the cause of the disease after his own child developed the ailment following routine vaccination.

“Autism taught me more about medicine than medical school did,” the doctor once stated at a conference, according to the Epoch Times’ Jake Crosby.

In addition to treating patients, Bradstreet has also offered expert testimony in federal court on behalf of vaccine-injured families and was founder and president of the International Child Development Resource Center, which at one time employed the much-scorned autism expert Dr. Andrew Wakefield as “research director.”

The circumstances surrounding Bradstreet’s death are made all the more curious by a recent multi-agency raid led by the FDA on his offices.

“The FDA has yet to reveal why agents searched the office of the doctor, reportedly a former pastor who has been controversial for well over a decade,” reported the Gwinnett Daily Post.

Social media pages dedicated to Bradstreet’s memory are filled with comments from families who say the deceased doctor impacted their lives for the better.

“Dr. Bradstreet was my son’s doctor after my son was diagnosed with autism. He worked miracles,” one Facebook user states. “At 16, my son is now looking at a normal life thanks to him. I thank him every day.”

“I will forever be grateful and thankful for Dr. Bradstreet recovering my son… from autism,” another person writes. “Treatments have changed my son’s life so that he can grow up and live a normal healthy life. Dr. Bradstreet will be missed greatly!”

A GoFundMe page has also been set up by one of Bradstreet’s family members seeking “To find the answers to the many questions leading up to the death of Dr Bradstreet, including an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play.”

Despite his family requesting the public refrain from speculation, many are nevertheless concluding the doctor’s death to be part of a conspiracy.

“Self-inflicted? In the chest? I’m not buying this,” one person in the WHNS comments thread states. “This was a doctor who had access to pharmaceuticals of all kinds. This was a religious man with a thriving medical practice. Sorry, but this stinks of murder and cover-up.”

Another commentor had a more definitive conjecture:

“He did NOT kill himself! He was murdered for who he was speaking against, what he knew, and what he was doing about it. He was brilliant kind compassionate doctor with amazing abilities to heal. He was taken. Stopped. Silenced. Why would a doctor who had access to pharmaceuticals and could die peacefully shoot himself in the chest???? And throw himself in a river?? THIS IS OBVIOUS! MURDER!!”

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God Is on the Move: Evangelical Response to SCOTUS Ruling for Equality

God Is on the Move: Evangelical Response to SCOTUS Ruling for Equality

Brandan Robertson Christian writer, activist and speaker

Posted: 06/26/2015 5:16 pm EDT Updated: 5 hours ago

Just a few hours ago, I was standing on the steps of the Supreme Court as the ruling on marriage equality was announced. The weight of the moment was almost too much to bear. The surge of exuberant joy and peace that flowed through my body caught me by surprise. As we heard the announcers words echo across the marble platform, I became keenly aware that this was far more than a change in our laws. There was something much bigger occurring in this moment.

As a follower of Jesus, I realized that this ruling for equality is an undeniable result of the Spirit of God moving in our midst, calling his church, our nation, and our world forward towards redemption, reconciliation, and restoration. Throughout the whole of human history, we have seen the Spirit inching humanity closer and closer towards a vision of renewed world where justice, equality, and beauty reign. Jesus called this new reality the Kingdom of God.

As the subtle winds of God’s Spirit continues to blow at our backs, causing us to progress closer to a truly just and equal world, I believe we are going to continue to see moments like this one, where oppressed minorities will at last partake in the sweet experience of liberation.

Though many of my evangelical brothers and sisters may disagree, as I have worked among the LGBTQ community and evangelical leaders over the past year, I have become absolutely convinced that all of the change we see occurring is not a result of Christians bowing the knee to cultural trends, but Christians awakening to what God is saying to our world. And God is saying that all people, gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, queer, transgender, questioning, asexual- were all created in the eternal, expansive, and creative image of God and should be embraced, welcomed, and dignified as such. The ruling we’ve seen today is a major movement of God’s Spirit, but we still have a long way to go.

In the evangelical church, we must continue to work to help teach our people how to rightly divide the word of truth, instructing them on how to correctly interpret the Biblical message based on context and a theology of progress. We need to continue to call the thousands of evangelical leaders who have already changed their minds on questions of LGBTQ inclusion to step forward, no matter what the cost, because it is our duty as followers of Jesus Christ to sacrifice our self interest and comfort for the good of the oppressed.

On the civil level, as American’s, it’s also clear that we also still have a lot of work to do before we can say that our country is truly equal for all LGBTQ individuals. According to GLSEN, in 28 states, LGBTQ people can still be fired from their job based on their sexual orientation alone. In 8 states, LGBTQ inclusive curriculums are prohibited in schools. In 32 states, schools have little to no protection for LGBTQ students against bullying. So while this ruling for equality is needed and important, there is still a lot of work to be done in our nation to ensure that equality and justice is a reality for LGBTQ individuals.

And as a member of the LGBTQ community, today is an unbelievably joyous occasion. For far too long, LGBTQ people have been marginalized and oppressed by society, government, and religious institutions in this country. Though the LGBTQ movement has been growing in influence and prominence over the last decade, we still have been a people who were denied basic rights as citizens of this country, which has been a fundamental assault on our dignity as humans.

Today’s ruling marks a momentous shift in the consciousness of our nation, where, from the highest levels of power in our country, LGBTQ people and our marriages are seen as worthy of equal respect and status as everyone else. This day has taken far too long, but I am incredibly grateful that it has finally arrived.

God is on the move.

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Global Sky Watch This Website is About Geoengineering ("Chemtrails")

This Website is About Geoengineering (“Chemtrails”)

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